Michelle Montebello | The Forever Place
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The Forever Place


Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance

Release Date: 28th July 2021

Information: Standalone read

The Forever Place

Available Now!

We lived for them. Craved them. Set them free.

Invincible. We were the wild ones.


Criminal defence lawyer Marley Kincaid appears perfect from the outside – beautiful, intelligent, successful. Nobody would guess she was falling apart on the inside. Ever since tragedy rocked her life two years ago, she has sought solace in alcohol.


When Marley finally hits rock bottom, her sister intervenes, sending her to White Cedar, an island off the coast of Nova Scotia in the vast and wild North Atlantic Ocean. There she is expected to attempt sobriety and recover, but life on the island is more challenging than she ever expected.


New friendships and an unexpected love see her through the dark days, but in that place of forever, can Marley weather the storms to carve a new life, or will the regrets of her past pull her under?