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The Colour of Winter (Seasons of Belle: Book 3)


After enduring a long-distance relationship for three years, Belle and Andre are finally reunited.


Now, blissfully married and living in Andre’s Tuscan family home, they have their whole lives ahead of them. They’re desperate to start a family and Belle is working to put the trauma of Paris behind her.


But when Christmas brings unexpected guests, Belle is caught off-guard. Andre’s ex-fiancée, Mary, along with her newborn baby and parents, are staying at the Tuscan house for the holidays.


Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Belle opens her home to them but is quickly undermined by Mary and her meddling mother. The baby is a delight but is a constant reminder to everyone that Belle is yet to fall pregnant. And is it her imagination or are Andre and Mary spending too much time together?


Struggling with distrust, her inability to conceive and the ghosts of the past, Belle wonders if she’ll make it through the holidays and if the life she’s always wanted with Andre will still be waiting for her on the other side.


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