Michelle Montebello | Beneath the Pepper Tree
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Beneath the Pepper Tree


Genre: Contemporary Romance / Mystery

Release Date: 15th June 2018

Information: Book 3 in a continuing story (not a standalone read)

Beneath the Pepper Tree

Available Now!

Beneath the Pepper Tree – Book 3 in the Belle Hamilton Novel

A continuing story…


Tuscany, 1984: On the evening of the annual Medieval Spring Festival, a child mysteriously vanishes without a trace, shattering the tranquil existence of a small town. Her body was never found and charges were never laid.


Thirty-five years later, Belle is living a peaceful life in a Tuscan farmhouse with her fiancé, Andrea when she stumbles across a box buried beneath the old pepper tree on the farmhouse grounds.


The box contains a collection of curious items and as Belle sets out to locate the owner, she discovers the town has some carefully buried secrets of its own. The anniversary of the child’s disappearance draws near and Belle is faced with the question of what really happened to her.


When Belle digs deeper, she realises that some in the town will do anything to protect the truth about that night. Confronted with grim theories, dubious suspects and a town too entrenched in its faith to be objective, Belle, at great personal cost, must fight to uncover the truth about the missing girl and the box beneath the pepper tree.


“An irresistible page turner, from the first words to the last!”iBooks